5 Health Benefits of Outdoor Escape Games in London

by Ellie

5 Benefits of Outdoor Escape Games


Alongside our awesome escape rooms, here at AIM Escape we now have action-packed outdoor escape games in London for you! Not only are these games fun and exciting, they actually benefit you too - mentally, physically and more. In this post we’re going to be outlining the top 5 health benefits of outdoor escape games! 


Fun and Enjoyable Exercise

We all know that sometimes exercise is not the most enjoyable thing but when it’s in the form of an escape game you won’t even realise you are doing it! Racing around the city, travelling from clue to clue, is bound to get your heart rate up. As well as your step count as you take on the 4km long adventure. And with games being up to 2 and a half hours long, you’ll get well over the 30 minutes of daily recommended exercise. You’ll be having so much fun playing and trying to solve all the puzzles, the fact you are exercising at the same time won’t even cross your mind!


Vitamin D Exposure

Being outdoors is important for our health, particularly because it gives us exposure to Vitamin D. When we are outdoors and exposed to sunlight our skin produces Vitamin D which is essential for optimal health as it helps our bodies absorb calcium, which is important for healthy bones, teeth and muscles! Playing an outdoor game is the perfect way to ensure you’re getting your dose of Vitamin D.


Improve Your Mental Health

Spending time outside is also important for our mental health. Research has shown that simply spending just 20 minutes outside is enough to improve well-being and mental health. It’s shown to improve your mood, reduce stress and anger, improve your confidence and self-esteem! When you participate in any kind of escape room you will feel benefits to your mental health, as you work together and socialise creating bonds and connecting in a neutral environment. This combined with all the benefits of spending time in the fresh air means outdoor escape games are a great way to improve your mental health. 


Getting to Explore The City of London

Whether you are a tourist to a city or you’re a local, with outdoor escape games you will get the benefit of being able to explore the place the game is set. As a tourist you will get to try out escape room features and puzzles of another country without being stuck in a room and not getting to know the place you are there to visit. Being a local you may get the opportunity to explore an area you didn’t know very well and perhaps discover secret, off the beaten track areas of the city. Our outdoor escape rooms are set in the amazing City of London and allow players - tourists and Londoners alike - to really explore the area in a new way!


Give Your Brain a Workout

It’s not just your body that gets a workout with these outdoor escape games in London, as they feature elements of escape rooms your brain will benefit too. As you work through the game and solve the different puzzles and clues, you’ll develop some skills. You’ll improve your communication skills as you have to communicate well with your team and work together in order to win the game. Additionally, you’ll improve your memory through the puzzles and riddles such as you would with other brain training games, and as you may have to recall something you earlier saw in the game you will increase your memory capacity. 


As you can see, you won’t just have loads of fun playing these games, you’ll also gain many benefits from it too! Book in to play our exciting outdoor escape games in London today.