Escape Room Etiquette

by Billy

For those of you who have played escape rooms before, these little tips and tricks will be well known to you by now - for the newbies, listen up! 

1: Arrival times
In most escape rooms (ours included) the time you get told on your booking confirmation is the start time of your game, not when we expect you to arrive. The best way to ensure your game starts on time and runs smoothly is by arriving 10 minutes early. This allows you to use the facilities, lock your personal items away and listen to our brilliant briefs from our wonderful Game Masters! Time is of the essence in Escape Rooms for all involved - don't let it run away from you.

2: Team work
This may sound like an obvious one, but as a Game Master myself we see a lot of break down in communication once the pressure of the room gets to a team. An easy way to avoid the stress is by breaking up into smaller teams once you are in the room. This lets you spread the load evenly and work on different puzzles at the same time, all while being immersed in the experience of the room.

3: Common Sense
Escape rooms are built as a test for your mind - this does not mean you need to be a genius who understands rocket science in order to escape. Most of the puzzles you encounter at Escape Rooms are built with a large variety of different people in mind. This means that puzzles are based in logic so that no prior knowledge is needed. Before rushing in and trying to find the most complicated answer, consider what would be the simplest route to the answer. Often times the solution will be the first thing you thought of. Trust your gut; you know more than you think you do!

4: We Are Not a Gym
You do not need to be an olympian to solve an escape room. Our experiences are a test of the mind, not the body. There is no need to force anything to the point of breaking! Everything that you need will be easily accessible, within reaching distance and will open if it is meant to. If you find that something isn't moving, its probably not meant to. If you really believe that something is stuck, or should be opening, there are always Game Masters on hand who you can ask. Its always better to ask than be wrong and maybe damage something!

5: Listening Skills
There is a lot of talking involved in playing an escape room, whether thats listening to a brief, your clues or even your team mates. Making sure you pay attention to all the information being told to you is key to escaping the room. Listening will also help immerse you in the experience - most escape rooms have music and actors' voices playing while you play their rooms. You don't want to miss anything so keep those ears open!