FAQ & Trigger Warnings

by Mads


All of our escape rooms can be played by 2 people, and we have private games here so you won't be mixed with strangers. Of course our more difficult games (Patient Zero and Hotel of Horrors) will have a higher success rate with a larger team and more brains, but if you haven't got your hearts set on definitely escaping then any of our games will be fine. 

In my opinion Spy Heroes is our easiest game, and more suited for smaller teams and beginners. Unfortunately we don’t have anything on an ‘easy’ level. 

Hotel of Horrors doesn’t have many really difficult puzzles, however, it is easier for larger teams as it is non-linear and larger teams can split up more to get tasks completed more quickly. Therefore, I’d say Hotel of Horrors is ‘difficult’ for 2-3 player teams, and ‘medium’ for 4-6 player teams. 

If you'd want something a little different, then we also have our table-top puzzle game, Coming Home, which is designed for 2-3 people, or our outdoor game, Operation Mindfall, which is regularly played by couples. 


We have had pregnant customers play all of our escape rooms before without issue. It will just depend on the individual, whether or not they feel they would be comfortable.  Here are some things you should be aware of:

  • None of our rooms will require crawling or climbing, everything will be on one level, and you won’t be squeezed into a small space. However you might need to crouch slightly to see some things, or get to an area. 

  • There will be some tasks in Spy Heroes that would require some additional physical movement, but it is not necessary for the people in question to get involved as well - if they don’t feel comfortable, they can leave these parts down to the rest of the team. 

  • All of our rooms will contain some flashing lights and loud noises, and locks might open suddenly.

  • We have some small stools we can bring in from the lobby if you'd like, if a member of the team doesn't mind carrying it round when puzzles move to a different area in the game.

  • Psychopath’s Den can be scary for some, but it is more escape room than horror game. It will be dark, with some spooky noises, however there will be no live actors, or anything jumping out at you. Some people are more frightened than others, again it depends on the individual. 

  • Hotel of Horrors is a little more of a horror room than Psychopath’s Den, with a couple of sudden loud noises. Again, no live actors. Both are difficult escape rooms too. 

Do let us know if you have any questions, or want more detail regarding a particular room or area.


All our games have flashing lights, however, there are no strobe lights. If you are extremely sensitive, we would advise not to go with Spy Heroes.

Spy Heroes is also the only game that uses a smoke machine - if anyone of your party is asmathic or has problems with smoke prepare adequatly and let us know if you have issues. 

All our games use colour based puzzles as well, but Patient Zero is the most colour heavy game.