Outdoor Escape Game Reviews

by David

Outdoor Escape Game Reviews

As you may or may not know by now, back in July here at AIM Escape Rooms in London we launched some exciting outdoor escape games


Our outdoor escape games use a combination of the best elements of both escape rooms and scavenger hunts, set outdoors in the City of London. They use revolutionary augmented reality, GPS technologies and high tech gadgets to create an immersive outdoor experience. You get all the excitement of an escape room and the opportunity to solve puzzles, whilst getting to explore the amazing City of London.


We have three different types of outdoor game: the family friendly game - The Magic Portal, the most difficult game - Einstein Unsolved, and our most popular outdoor game - Operation Mindfall. 


In Operation Mindfall you will become a secret agent! You will be part of an international intelligence organisation, sent out on an operation to stop a virus designed for population mind control! 20% of the world is infected so far and you’ll need to act quickly to save them all.


Since we started offering these games they have really taken off and proved very popular among those who have played them! Our outdoor game Operation Mindfall has received some brilliant reviews, we’ve rounded some up here below for you to have a look at:




“We were super impressed with the game and would highly recommend it for those who want an outdoor escape room experience. It's also perfect for a summer evening or as a weekend activity with friends.”


“A brilliant, high tech adventure through London.”


“This game was also a fantastic way to get out & about around the city, and not only perfect for those visiting London. We’re all Londoners, but we were shown parts of London we’d never seen before!”


“Operation Mindfall is genius, and we loved every second”


“The amount of puzzles packed into the escape was fantastic, especially considering that we were carrying everything we needed with us and the bag wasn’t heavy.”


“The technology is amazing and brings the game to life.”


“It’s a fun task in which you will be burning your calories and is mentally challenging.”


“Overall, I loved this game. It's very mentally stimulating, challenging but nothing beats the feeling of excitement when you figure out the puzzles. It’s so properly thought out, constructed and presented.”


“The game was extremely thrilling and fun, each stage was completely different; diverse and creative”


“I really loved the effort and skill that went into creating this fantastic game. It was so extensive and involved and exceedingly well planned out.”

More Info & Booking


We love all of these reviews and we couldn’t be happier that people love Operation Mindfall and the other outdoor escape games as much as we do!


If reading these reviews has made you want to come and play for yourself then all you need to do is book online. Operation Mindfall runs from 10am - 7pm everyday and The Magic Portal 10am - 5pm everyday. Einstein Unsolved isn’t currently available to play because of COVID regulations, but it should hopefully be launching soon! 


The outdoor games in London last for roughly 2.5 hours as you race around the city and try to win! Each team can be anywhere from 2-4 players and you can have multiple groups playing the same game at the same time against each other! 


So what are you waiting for, book in to play an exciting outdoor escape game in London - you won’t regret it! 


Alternatively, if you’re looking to play some of the best escape rooms in London, then head over to our indoor games page to book our high tech, immersive escape rooms.