Things to do during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday

by Mads

Are you ready to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday outdoors with beautiful views and a nice activity around Central London? Or maybe you prefer the east side and want to explore Tower Hill and London Bridge?

Regardless of the location - we’ve got you covered!

Now that summer is nearly here and the weather is warmer, why stay indoors? Hurry and book one of our Augmented Reality outdoor games to go on the best scavenger hunt in the UK! These immersive outdoor experiences book up quickly so there’s no time to waste!

How can an escape room be outdoors, you ask? It’s quite simple! You will meet one of our secret agents at Monument Square or Central London location (depending which you choose) and they will provide you with super spy tech gadgets to help you on your mission to save the world! 

All the tasks are location based. You and your fellow agents will have an iPad that shows you the way and leads you around London to complete different tasks. Some of these tasks include the use of Augmented Reality!

Do you have a team of 5+ players? Do not worry! We’ve thought about it too! At our East location we can split you into up to 10 teams and you can compete against each other completing similar tasks just following different routes (so don’t worry about cheating). 

This activity is ideal for family, friends and couples - everyone is able to be a secret spy with us at AIM! 

For more information you can check pictures and more info on our website under the tab - Augmented Reality. If you still have any questions - give us a call or pop us an email and our friendly communicators will be happy to help you :)

We’re counting on you to save the world! 

Not feeling outdoorsy but still want to have a good time? Yes, our award-winning indoor rooms are also available! There are four games you can choose from and there’s even a table-top game if you’re in the mood for something unique. 

For more info you can check - Outdoor and Games