Top Escape Room Movies to Watch for Inspiration: From Cube to Escape Room

by Max

Top Escape Room Movies to Watch for Thrilling Inspiration

Movies featuring escape rooms have become increasingly popular in recent years, with thrilling plots that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. These movies showcase the excitement, puzzles, and suspense that come with escape rooms, making them the perfect inspiration for anyone looking to try an escape room themselves. Here are some of the top movies about escape rooms that you should watch:


Escape Room Movies: A Perfect Preview for the Real-Life Experience


Escape Room (2019) - This movie follows six strangers who find themselves in a dangerous situation when they are invited to participate in an escape room for a chance to win $10,000. As they solve puzzles and clues, they quickly realize that the stakes are higher than they thought.


No Escape Room (2018) - In this horror movie, a father and daughter visit a small town and stumble upon an escape room. As they try to solve the puzzles, they soon realize that the escape room is not just a game, but a sinister trap.


The Cabin (2018) - This thriller follows a group of friends who visit an escape room in a remote cabin in the woods. As they work to solve the puzzles, they realize that the game is more real than they anticipated and they must fight to survive.


Cube (1997) - This cult classic follows a group of strangers who wake up in a cube-shaped room and must find a way out by solving complex puzzles. As they progress through the maze of rooms, they realize that they are not alone and that some rooms are booby-trapped.


Saw (2004) - While not solely focused on escape rooms, Saw's main character, Jigsaw, creates elaborate puzzles that his victims must solve in order to escape their deadly traps.


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