We've redesigned a game!

by Mads

Recently, we have been working on a secret mission and can finally tell you all about it! 


One of our beloved escape rooms Spy Heroes have gone under slight puzzle changes, and we could not be more excited! We have made it more immersive, more interactive and more fun for all ages! 


Do not worry - we strongly believe in our aim (pun intended) to provide you a revolutionary escape room experience in London and this is no exception. We have kept the theming and the most loved aspect of the game (the lasers), and it still is a fully technological game! Yes, that means absolutely no keys or padlocks. 


How does an escape room work without keys or padlocks? I guess you will have to book a game and see for yourself. (If you want something slightly more difficult but still fully technological go for our Patient Zero 2150 and accept the challenge!)


The tasks are still medium difficulty with an added flavour and you can also find a bunch of well-known as well as never-heard-of props. There’s a mix of everything! 


Without spoiling it too much, we have carefully listened to the feedback our customers have provided about the game and updated it implementing your suggestions! If you have played Spy Heroes before, who knows, maybe it was you who inspired us to be better! 


I have played Spy Heroes before, can I do it again? If you have played a while ago, then yes! We have kept most of the codes the same, just changed the way you get them. So, if you cannot remember the answer, you can still have plenty of fun!

To Book, head to the Book a Room option and we'll see you soon!