Why An Outdoor Escape Game Is The Perfect Summer Activity

by Ellie

Why An Outdoor Escape Game Is The Perfect Summer Activity


A few months ago here at AIM Escape we launched our exciting outdoor escape games to go alongside our escape rooms in London. Our outdoor escape games combine the best features of both treasure hunts and escape rooms whilst outside getting to explore the amazing City of London! 


Since these launched in July they have been really popular over these summer months and this is because they are the perfect summer activity! We’re going to outline exactly why this is below. 


Enjoy The Sunshine


One of the reasons that outdoor escape games make the perfect summer activity is simply the fact that they are outdoors! In the summer the weather is generally hotter and drier, it is the season with the best weather. Therefore this makes it the best time to be outside playing a game for a long period of time. 


When the best weather that will happen all year is happening, you don’t want to be cooped up inside. You want to be spending time outside and making the most of the great weather! With these outdoor escape games in London, you get to spend time playing an escape room type game without having to be stuck inside. 


Good For Your Health


One of the biggest reasons to do an outdoor escape game in the summer is to get Vitamin D exposure! As many of us know Vitamin D is essential for our health as it helps our bodies absorb calcium, which is important for healthy bones, teeth and muscles, and when we are exposed to sunlight our skin produces this vitamin. 

However, what many of us don’t know is that in the UK in the winter sunlight doesn’t contain enough UVB radiation for our skin to produce Vitamin D. So the only time we can get this great Vitamin from being outside is April to September, meaning we need to be outside in the summer months. An outdoor escape game provides the perfect reason to be outside in London for 2.5 hours soaking up the sunlight to create this vitamin, as well as having lots of fun!  


Get Active


Outdoor escape games are the perfect summer activity because of what you get out of it. Rather than just lazing around in the park or not knowing how to spend time outside with these games you’ll benefit both your mind and body. 

Not only are you getting to be outside, but you're also being active as you’ll be walking (and jogging if necessary!) round the city. Plus, you are getting to put your brain to the test as you take on the different puzzles and challenges involved. These three things altogether are a winning combination and not something you can get from many activities. It really is the best thing you could be doing outside in the summer.


As you can see there are a variety of reasons why an outdoor escape game is the perfect summer activity! However don’t be put off of playing one when it's no longer summer as we can adapt your route to suit the weather, such as taking you through more sheltered areas when it's raining and more.


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