Why Are Escape Rooms So Popular?

by David

Why Are Escape Rooms So Popular?


The escape room craze doesn’t seem to be abating, with a huge number of escape rooms in London already and more to come in the next year. But why are escape rooms so popular? This is a question that we commonly get asked by people who have never done one before. Here at AIM Escape Room London, we believe that escape rooms are one of the best forms of entertainment available and in this article we’re going to be taking a look at the main reasons why.


Immersive Entertainment


There has been a big shift towards immersive entertainment in the past decade, with VR headsets, Secret Cinema, Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch and escape rooms. People want to be a character in the story and want to be fully immersed. Escape rooms do exactly this by putting players into a scenario where they are fully immersed in a storyline and they have to work their way out. With an escape room you can be in your own horror movie and be a scientist trying to save the world in the space of two hours. 


Escape From Reality


Life gets hard sometimes, with work, social media, the news, families, relationships and escape rooms give you a great place to escape from reality for an hour. There’s no distractions inside and you can really throw yourself into the theme of the game to leave the real world behind for an hour. Whether you’re doing an escape room for two, an escape room with friends or a family escape room, you can really leave the real world behind for an hour at AIM Escape.


They’re Good For You


Escape rooms have been shown to actually be good for you, and you can read all about that in our blog post here! Not only are escape rooms good for your emotional wellbeing, they also help you improve key communication, teamwork and problem solving skills. All of these things will help you in real world situations and escape rooms give you a great chance to work on these skills in a fun environment.


Challenges Are Fun, Winning Is Even Better


People like challenges, but people like winning even more! Escape rooms give you the opportunity to experience both of these things. There aren’t many better feelings than the feeling of success and you get that in an escape room. When you solve a really tough puzzle, or you escape with seconds to spare, you get a great feeling of elation. We love seeing how happy teams are after they come out of our escape rooms in London victorious! 


If you’ve never played an escape room before, or if you’re an experienced escape roomer, head over to our bookings page now to experience London’s most immersive escape room.