Are escape rooms scary?

by Mads

For all kinds of reasons, many of us enjoy being scared. You only have to look at the popularity of horror films, ghost tours, psychic evenings, extreme sports and scary funfair rides to see that being spooked or feeling fear plays an odd part of our make-up.

Conversely, controlled fear can be good for our wellbeing. When we’re scared it can make us laugh, and ultimately feel good. When we’re afraid, our bodies release a range of different chemicals that can contribute to wellbeing under the right circumstances. Fear is a state of high arousal where our emotions are heightened. In fact, it can feel so good that it can become addictive.

Escape rooms are often sought out by people looking for a spooky fix. People who are less keen on being spooked may be wary of visiting one. While escape rooms will thoroughly test your problem solving skills and power of deduction, should you also expect to be scared?

Different escape rooms for different people

The beauty of escape rooms is that they are all inspired by different concepts. Some are futuristic, others are set in the past, some are scary while others are all about the problem solving. Some escape rooms are designed for adults, while others are suitable for people of all ages. Whatever your particular interests and appetite for frights, you’ll find an escape room for you.

Not just about the scares

It’s important to remember that escape rooms are primarily designed as puzzle solving environments. They present a range of different challenges that stretch your deductive powers and force you to think creatively. So if being scared isn’t for you, then you can find an escape room which is all about beating the clock and testing yourself against the challenges without any fear element. 

However, if you’re up for a fright as well as a challenge, then you can certainly find plenty of escape rooms that are designed to freak you out. A feeling of fear can add an extra dimension to the puzzle-solving elements, making it even more important that you solve the problem quickly and make your escape.

Do escape rooms have jump scares?

Some escape rooms will incorporate jump scares in different ways. For instance, in a horror themed escape room you may come face to face with something unearthly when you least expect it. At other times, a puzzle element may incorporate audio or visual scares that take you by surprise.

If jump scares are something you’d prefer to avoid, then an escape room with a horror theme may not be the best choice for you. If you have any fears or concerns about what a room may include, then don’t be afraid to talk to a member of the team at the escape room. They will always be happy to answer any questions you may have. They want you to enjoy your escape room experience so don’t be afraid to ask.

Turning up the fear dial in the Psychopath’s Den

Escape rooms can be scary and for many people, that’s a huge part of the attraction. If you’re looking for a truly chilling escape room experience, then look no further than the Psychopath’s Den. If you’re a fan of brooding, omnipresent tension and downright terror, then this is the oh-so-gruesome escape room for you.

This intense, fear-driven set of challenges is not for the faint of heart. Once the door slams shut you’ll feel the tension start to rise. You need to work quickly as you try to unpick the fiendishly difficult sets of puzzles set by the psychopath himself. All the while, the psychopath himself lurks in the shadows waiting for you to slip up.

This dark and menacing escape room contains a real crematorium and gallons of the red stuff. It is a must for anyone who loves horror tinged and adrenaline-filled frights. Dare you step inside the Psychopath’s Den?

It’s located at the incredible AIM Escape in east London, which raises the bar of what’s possible. This outstanding set of escape room scenarios is a perfect choice for would-be escapees who crave next level challenges, hyper-realistic sets and props as well as complex narratives.

The Psychopath’s Den has a capacity of 5 people and you can expect to spend 60 minutes attempting to escape. Participants need to be 16+ and charges for the game begin at £30 per person.